Chapel of Panagia Vounarkotissa

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North of the Akrotiri meadow, just outside of the village of Kolossi, one will come across one of the most particularly religious monuments of the Limassol countryside. It is one of the many chapels which operate in the community, though it is the only one that is housed inside an ancient cave.

The cavity created within this rocky hill evolved into a place of worship, as it allowed the faithful to continue to perform their ceremonies of worship, even during difficult times. Welcoming Christians for centuries, this cave was preserved as a chapel to this day. After all, the ground morphology of the communities west of the city of Limassol resulted in such caves being formed in other areas (such as Erimi and Trachoni).

The cave in Kolossi is dedicated to the Virgin of Vounarkotissa, its name derived from its location. Over the years, the walls of the cave were decorated with icons of saints the faithful had brought with them to the chapel. The light from the candles that are lit within the chapel, and the natural light that enters from the opening of the cave, have created an atmosphere that is particularly sacred.

The faithful consider this chapel to be miraculous, as the mud created from the dirt on the ground is said to have healing qualities.