Chapel of Panagia Samatziotissa – Iamatiki

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The Chapel of Panagia Iamatiki is located in Platres, on the road towards the Forest Park Hotel. This is a beautiful little church that is easily spotted, thanks to the icon of the Virgin Mary that is placed at its entrance, next to the spring water fountain.

You can reach the chapel by climbing several stone steps. The ruins of an old monastery once stood there. George Skyrianides, the owner of the Forest Park Hotel, built the church there in 1940, in memory of his parents, Heracles and Amalia.

The chapel was completed in 1943 and was dedicated to the Healing Virgin (Panagia Iamatiki), but also kept the name Samatziotissa, after the Samatzia location. The interior is decorated with works by the artist and writer, Nikos Nicolaides.  

The chapel holds a service on Easter Tuesday and 31st August.