Chapel of Panagia Kyra (Louvaras)

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The chapel of Panagia Kyra, just outside of the village of Louvaras, on the way towards the Kakomallis forest, is a small, beautiful church with a centenarian plane tree keeping it company in the courtyard. 

According to local tradition, the church was built in the 9th century A.D., though the exact year of its construction is unknown. It is built in the Byzantine style, using local stones and featuring a wooden, sloped roof. Though small in size, the elegance of the church and the details of the wooden supports on the roof are particularly impressive. 

The chapel was restored in 2002 by the Department of Antiquities and has since been under its auspices. On its northwest corner, just a few meters from the temple, a small, wooden belfry was constructed. A beacon once stood there, though it ended up lost or stolen during the 1970s.

The church is also called Panagia Tsambikka, named after the clear, bright light the icon of the Virgin Mary is though to emit.