Chapel of Panagia Galactoforousa (Asomatos)

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The Chapel of Panagia Galactoforousa is an ancient temple, nestled among the orange groves near the Asomatos village community. The monument was formerly known as a chapel dating back to the 16th century.

After a fire broke out in 2000, several of the temple's older foundations were revealed. The earliest of these dates back to the late 11th to early 12th century, when the temple had a dome. During the Frankish period (13th century), a lightly pointed arch replaced the dome. The discovery of medieval tombs around the chapel may be an indication that it once held a central role for the rural communities of the area.

In 1870, the pointed vault was replaced by a simple wooden saddleback roof. The revised chronology of the monument identifies it with the temple of the monastic establishments of Saint Mary of Stylos, which is thought to be the former name of the monastery of Saint Nicholas of the Cats.

Both the monasteries of Saint Nicholas of the Cats and Saint Mary of Stylos where founded by monks who fled from Asia Minor.