Catholic Monastery in Troodos

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A unique temple, built with the characteristic stones of Troodos, is located at a corner on the mountain’s pine forest. Though it is quite isolated, the church of the small monastery is easily accessible.

The small temple and women’s monastery were created around the 1930s by the nuns’ sisterhood of St. Mary’s School in Limassol. Right by the beautiful church, is a commune which hosts the nuns during the months they live there.

Though the nuns may not stay at the monastery during the winter due to the difficult weather conditions, the setting is particularly idyllic, when the buildings are covered in a thick layer of snow.

At the entrance of the church, visitors are welcomed by a well-crafted mosaic created by Panayiotis Pasantas, which was donated by a father who felt deep gratitude towards the Virgin Mary, after his child had been cured from a serious illness.