Castle Square

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The square of the Medieval Castle of Limassol is the hallmark of the historical city center, formerly constituting the core of the medieval city and later on a space directly related to the economic and commercial activity of the city and the harbor.

Surrounded by old stone buildings, mostly old warehouses related to the activity developed in the area, the square is now among the most characteristic points of the Limassol city. With the castle in the center, the square is surrounded by numerous restaurants and cafes, while the pedestrian area is often ideal for open air markets and for the annual parties of the Limassol carnival.

The west side of the square mainly consists of the old Lanitis Carob Mill facilities, which have been turned into the complex of Carob Mill Restaurants. On the same side one finds the restaurant housed in an old inn, which preserved that exact name (hanni=inn). These buildings indicate the character that the area had once as a commercial center. Instead, today it is one of the most popular destinations for drinks and food for all ages and all budgets.

The square is within a walking distance from the Old Port, the Limassol Marina, Aneksartisias Street and all the sites of the historical center in between, which is one of its main privileges.

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