Cape Aspro Trail (Pissouri)

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This is one of the island's most impressive coastlines. The striking, almost chalk-like white color, the distinctive morphology of the tall, steep rocks, and their contrast with the deep blue of the sea are enough to enchant all who come across this landscape. 

This unique landscape of wild, natural beauty, with limestone cliffs rising up on the most western point of the Limassol countryside is, without a doubt, one of the locations definitely worth visiting at any time of the year. There is a complex of 5 different trails running across the area above the cliffs, which allows for easy exploration of the area, as they each branch out and lead to different spots from where one can enjoy breathtaking views. 

Following recent works to smooth over the trails, the area is even more accessible for hikers. Signs have also been erected, indicating directions for visitors to follow. Depending on the route one chooses, hiking distances may reach up to 10 km.

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The experience of a large group that visited the area in May 2019, was captured in some really impressive photographic moments.

Of course, many will prefer to simply stand at the nearest viewpoint and admire the stunning view of the cliffs which rise sharply from the sandy beach at a height of more than 200 meters. This view is even more special during sunset, as this location allows you to watch the sun's descent into the sea. 

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