Can you imagine what red and black soujioukos is made of?

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Soujioukos, as mant may know, is made of a line of almonds or walnuts on a string, which is dipped by traditional craftsmen of the wine villages, in a mixture of must and flour.

Apart from the original, golden-brown color of the mixture of the 2 ingredients, interesting alternatives came up these past few years, with a rather dark brown – almost black – color, and a bright red one. Both versions are very tasty, while 2 very popular Cypriot ingredients are used for their preparation.

The aromatic, red soujoikos is made with pomegranate juice, while the flavors of must and pomegranate are combined perfectly. The black soujioukos has extra carob syrup, with a distinct flavor, which seems to create a hybrid between soujioukos and carob candy.

From the end of August to the beginning of November, you can find fresh soujioukos in all the wine villages, since this is made of the fresh batch of must.  

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