Can you guess what kind of an aromatic delicacy is getting ready in a jar with cheries?

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Sometimes, the greatest pleasures and delicacies come across when not expected, made of the most simple and genuine ingredients. At Kato Platres, where cherry trees are all over the place, bearing juicy and sweet cherries, the locals have the best ingredients to treat you with the most aromatic delights.

So, if you visit the village in the summer and you happen upon a jar warming up under the sun, with red cherries in it, you should be expecting some very tasty surprises around that place. After all, this is the traditional method for making the cherry flavor liquor, a very tasty drink that can be enjoyed both in the summer and the winter.

Fresh cherries stay in the jar with sugar until it melts completely, under the hot, summer sun, in order for the fermentation to begin. Some local zivania and / or brandy from the 2 local wineries is added then in the mixture and a little later is ready for use. When the fermentation is complete, the content of the jar is filtrated till clear and this exquisite drink can be served immediately, preferably chilled.

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