Caledonia Rotis: A tavern that lures you to Platres for its sweets!

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It first began operating as a family tavern, serving homemade dishes from the local, Cypriot cuisine, with its name adopted from what is possibly the most popular destination in the Limassol mountains, the Caledonia Waterfalls. It has thus continued its journey, from 1975 to this day, as one of the top options for a meal in the mountains. 

The "Caledonia Rotis" tavern is reason enough to visit Platres. The warm, welcoming space, the images of the main road and the central village square, the perfectly-cooked kleftiko, aromatic meatballs and fresh trout, are all elements that have won the hearts of its visitors.

The true showstopper, however, is the tavern's special dessert, a delicious apple cream pie that is made fresh daily from a family recipe. This light, creamy dessert, with caramelized apples and a dusting of cinnamon, is highly sought after. And combined with the beautiful surroundings and the smiling faces of the staff, this tasty delight is reason alone for a trip to Platres. 

Address: 31 Olympou Street, Platres
Contact number: 25 421 019