14+ cafés in Limassol which are great for studying, working, and hanging out!

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Since Limassol's rhythms of everyday life are tireless, one can find the right places around the city, for a quiet place to read and work.

Through a range of cafés from one side of Limassol to the other, you might also discover your favorite sanctuary for studying outside the home.

1. Tasters

With a menu ideal for brunch and healthy meals during the day, this café is a very popular choice for work breaks, but also for work at its large tables.

Address: Makariou III (Enaerios)
Contact number: 70 001188

2. High Point Snack Bar

A new café in the city center, with an open-air seating area, provides a working bench with plugs, for the ones who wish to combine their coffee break with some work or studying.

Address: Grigori Afxentiou Square
Contact number: 25 222188

3. Limassol Agora

In the upper floor created in the building of the old traditional grocery store, you can find benches with access to sockets for charging the phone or laptop, where you can work or study. The local restaurants offer options for light meals.

Address: Saripolou 3041
Contact number: 70 070070

4. Food Factory

A modern and welcoming space, with a cutting-edge kitchen that prepares cold meals as well as coffee, herbal teas, juices and smoothies. Its mezzanine is suitable for enjoying your meal and drink with your laptop or a book.

Address: Lord Byron Street (Saint Nicholas Roundabout)
Contact number: 25 104604

5. Clock Cafè

The shops of the well-known Clock Café franchise are suitable for chilling with a laptop or a book. The quiet mezzanine in Aneksartisias street, or the seaside space at the city's seafront, are quite popular choices.

Addresses: 1) Aneksartisias street 151 2) October 28th, 295 (παραλιακός)
Contact numbers: 1) 70 009191, 2) 25 375700

6. The Hub

With a menu that includes aromatic, organic coffee as well as healthy snacks and sweet temptations, this café has created little nooks both inside and outside for those who wish to study quietly. With comfortable seating and easy access to outlets, it serves its purpose perfectly.

Address: Arch. Makarios Avenue 201D
Contact number: 25 770100

7. Second Cup

With delicate decoration and modern furniture, the interior is suitable for study, since there are laptop-friendly areas, but also for reading in its lounge with the large library.

Address: Makariou Avenue III, 139
Contact number: 25 352100

8. Caffe Nero

Comfortable leather sofas, vintage armchairs and large, wooden tables with access to outlets are especially useful for all who choose to visit this this well-known coffee chain to do some work or study (particularly in Yermasogeia area and Limassol Marina).

Address: 1) Promachon Eleftherias 45, Dasoudi (Yermasoyia), 2) Limassol Marina
Contact numbers: 1) 25 020092, 2) 25 051290

9. Starbucks

The international coffee franchise has 5 spots in Limassol with featured study spots. Convenient, well-lit tables with outlets are available in all locations. The recent renovated shop on Anexartisias Street is particularly popular with CUT students.

Addresses: 1) Aneksartisias 187, 2) Archbishop Makarios III, 3 3) Georgiou A' 8, Yermasoyia, 4) Anastasi Sioukri (Limassol Courthouse), 5) Katsantonaion 20
Contact numbers: 1) 25 871987, 2) 25 814490, 3) 25 879711, 4) 25 820303, 5) 25 383540

10. Mikel Coffee

A space with modern décor and comfortable seating, as well as outlets located near most of the tables, is available for all who frequent the busy Makarios Avenue. Its coffee and snacks are yet another reason to make a stop there. 

Address: Makarios Avenue 190
Contact number: 25 324050

11. Costa Coffee

With 3 stores in Limassol, the Costa Coffee franchise offers quiet corners for working or studying, from one end of the city to the other. The Makarios Avenue location is particularly convenient as it hosts a long wooden study bench.

Addresses: 1) Archbishop Makarios III AV. 187, 2) Georgiou I 58, Yermasoyia 3) My Mall
Contact numbers: 1) 25 372727, 2) 25 325099, 3) 77 772626

12. Gloria Jean's Coffees

With modern décor and aromatic coffee, the franchise spots in Limassol welcome you to an environment, where you can spend your time comfortably studying or working.

Addresses: 1) Archbishop Makarios III Avenue 132, 2) Spyrou Kyprianou Str. 55, Yermasoyia
Contact numbers: 1) 25 251136, 2) 25 109422

13. The Melting Pot Concept

In one of the most historic streets of Limassol, The Melting Pot Concept is a beautiful choice for work or study, in a bright and elegant environment, while its menu features a variety of unique delights.

Address: Eleftherias 133
Contact number: 25 109725

14. The Shopkeeper & Co

A special concept store, ideal for those who love high aesthetic objects and art, where you can combine your study with aromatic coffee and delicious breakfast or brunch options.

Address: Gladstonos 92
Contact number: 25 811146

+ Hotel Lounge Cafés

Limassol has great hotels, which regularly host guests who arrive in the city for professional meetings, conferences and other business activities.

Thus, their cafés and lounge areas are properly equipped to provide an alternative option for work or study, while enjoying the relaxing environment and top services of the hotel.

Find out more about Limassol's hotels here.