Byzantio Restaurant: A popular stopover in the mountains featuring hearty, Cypriot cuisine!

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Upon reaching the central square of Prodromos, the village that became a popular tourist resort in the beginning of the previous century thanks to the creation of the Berengaria hotel, one will encounter one of the most popular stopovers for food and coffee during mountain excursions. The Byzantio Restaurant, located in an area boasting a wonderful climate and impressive natural beauty, and surrounded by the scent of pines, is a warm and cozy option for a rest and a hearty meal.

As it is located at a crossing, just a short distance from the Troodos peak and from some of the area’s most beautiful landmarks (such as the monasteries of Panagia Trooditissa and Panagia Trikoukkiotissa), the restaurant is a convenient stopover for excursions. It opens early in the morning, offering coffee, refreshments and sweets, and continues to welcome guests until 6 in the evening, with a rich buffet of delicious Cypriot dishes.

'Byzantio,' which has been in operation in the area for more than 20 years, honors the flavors of the local cuisine and duly preserves their traditions. In fact, its menu is adapted according to the season, featuring more refreshing dishes in the summer and hot soups in the winter, which are perfect enjoyed next to the warmth of the fireplace or the stove.

Contact number: 99 430132