'Black Geese' tavern: An interesting tavern, in the picturesque alleys of a village!

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In Omodos, one of the most picturesque villages of Cyprus, there are plenty of varied options for food and drinks. The little tavern 'Black Geese' is among these unique options that is certainly worth visiting.

Decorated with traditional touches and retro objects, this tavern welcomes you into a cozy interior environment, as well as the tables laid out on the pavement.

The unique, standout element of the tavern is its cellar, which has been modified into a wonderful cigar lounge, reminiscent of the classic elegance of the 1930-40s.

In the menu you'll find from juicy souvlaki and delicious sausages, to seasonal omelettes, as well as homemade wine stew and moussaka, that pair perfectly with the famous wines of Omodos.

Address: Omodos village, 4760
Contact number: 70 005459