Berengaria Restaurant: A piece of the legendary hotel that survives in Prodromos village!

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In the Limassol mountains, just a few steps from Prodromos Square and the legendary Berengaria, one may find a restaurant that pays homage to the memory and the image of the abandoned hotel.

Built with traditional mountain stones, the building which hosts the restaurant is reminiscent of the hotel’s original architecture, featuring a sloped roof and large windows with decorative railings. The interior space contains the large steam generator built in 1907, which used to power the Berengaria with electricity.

The restaurant is open for dining, as well as for coffee and drinks. The balcony, which boasts a view of the pine forest is ideal for the spring and summer months, while the fireplace in the dining area offers warmth during the colder months.

The restaurant is a convenient option for excursionists, as it is located just 5 minutes from the Troodos peak.

Address: Prodromos 4840
Contact number: 99 461179