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Ayios Iosif Chapel

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At the most central spot of the city, just a few steps away from Ayios Nicolaos roundabout, Limassol has a rather surprising image. Between the tall, commercial buildings of Makarios Avenue, there is a chapel that most people would pass by in hurry, without noticing, even though it does create a rather beautiful image for anyone who will take a look.

Ayios Iosif (Saint Joseph) chapel, a rather small, but quite impressive temple, is probably unique in Limassol, due to its architecture design and decorations. With a beautiful, cylindrical dome on the eastern side of its roof, over decorating arcs, covered with red tiles, the church stands out, despite the fact that is surrounded by my taller buildings.

In the style of a 3-area, cross-shaped temple, the chapel was constructed in 2009. Its most special feature is the outer decoration of its walls, with the interchanging lines of red blocks and white stone. The result is a unique, striped combination of colors, which creates a modern image, based on traditional elements of church design.

The image of the temple is even more interesting, as its emerges through the surrounding trees, on the pavements or the yard, which can be either green, in full bloom or completely bare, depending on the season.

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