Ayios Iosif Chapel

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In the most central spot in the city, just a few steps from the Ayios Nicolaos roundabout, Limassol hides a rather surprising sight. Nestled between the tall, commercial buildings of Makarios Avenue, there stands a chapel that goes unnoticed by most who hurry past, though for anyone who stops to take a closer look, it creates a most beautiful image. 

Ayios Iosif (Saint Joseph) chapel, is a rather small, but impressive temple, and it is unique in Limassol, due to its architectural design and decor. With a beautiful, cylindrical dome on the eastern side of its roof, above decorative arches covered in red tile, the church stands out despite being surrounded by much taller buildings. 

Built in the style of a a three-aisled, cruciform temple, the chapel was constructed in 2009. Its most special feature is the decor of its exterior walls, which features interchanging lines of red brick and white stone. The result is a unique combination of stripes, which creates a modern image that is based on the traditional elements of church design.

The chapel is even more picturesque when framed by the surrounding trees that adorn the sidewalks and the courtyard, which, depending on the season, are either leafy and green, in full bloom, or completely bare.