Ayia Thekla Church: The tiny chapel, built by a Turkish Cypriot in Limassol!

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In the area right between the Medieval Castle and the Old Port of Limassol, one can find a tiny church that can easily pass by without even noticing. It is, however, a very unique chapel, was built by a Turkish Cypriot over the holy water of Agia Thekla.

The holy water would flow through a well in an underground tunnel, which is said to have once reached Agia Napa’s church, just a few kilometers east of the Castle. This area, of course, was part of the Turkish-Cypriot’s property, Ali Hatzi Hassan. According to tradition, Agia Thekla appeared repeatedly in his sleep, something that inevitably led him to the decision to build the church.

Since then, many believers have been worshipping in the chapel with the holy water, while Agia Thekla is celebrated there on September 24.