Ayia Irene rock

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The scenery is truly breathtaking. The rock rises through the dense, pine forest of Troodos and imposes its image over the entire area. The view from this – unknown for many – place will leave you speechless, revealing the majestic nature of the Cyprus mountains.

The rock of Ayia Irene, as it is called, is located in the northeast of the village on the road leading from Mesa Potamos to Psilodentro area. From the rock of Ayia Irene hills you can see the entire area as if it was charted in a live map: the houses at Pano Platres, the road to Kato Platres, the new vacation houses being built all around the village. The green color is the ultimate ruler in all you see, covering the entire area.

You can reach the spot easily, through a short distance on a dirt road, either on foot, by bike (since the spot is part of the bicycle root starting at Psilo Dendro), or by car of any type. Leaving the dirt road, you will have to walk through the forest for a few minutes, reaching up, towards the hill. This exact walk has its own grace, too, with tall pine trees embellishing it and smelling of natural perfumes, the arbutus arachne with its striking stems changing their rind, from gold – brown to dark green and the little new trees hanging over the edge.

The bare rocks on the edge of the cliff seem very inviting, once you get there. Dare to climb, if you have your trainers on and you are confident about doing some climbing: the feeling of having nothing else between you, the sky and the mountain, is truly unique.

Extra tip: Under the cliff of Ayia Irene, at the stream of Kryos Potamos, many nightingales set up thei own choir, especially during spring.

*Platres is part of the Mobilitas European Network, encouraging alternative transportation via trails, bicycle routes and public transportation.

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