Avdimou Beach

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One of the longest bays located to the west of Limassol, Avdimou Beach is a destination for those who want to relax in the serenity of the wilderness of the area. Within 1.5 kilometers that this beach covers, everyone can find their own special corner to enjoy the sun and the sound of the waves.

Along this beach, you can finds one of Limassol's most famous seaside restaurants, the Kyrenia Beach Restaurant, which welcomes you to visit the area for food or drink overlooking the sea. Those who prefer the comfort of the sun lounger can rent such facilities in the center of the beach. Meanwhile, the waterside edges of the beach are ideal for those who prefer to sit on the pebbles and be in closer contact with the natural elements, though they should be sure to bring their own umbrellas, as no other shade is offered there.

The road leading to the beach crosses fertile farmable lands, since the riverbed of the Avdimou River, which flows into the beach, gave life to these fields many years ago. A few meters from the shore, however, are two old buildings: a stone-built warehouse (which was used to facilitate the trade that took place here due to a small dock where boats were moored) and a mosque. So, although today it is just a quiet corner for sea lovers, the bay still retains elements that remind us that it was much more than this in the past.

When relatively strong winds blow in the area, the beach is also ideal for water sports such as kitesurfing, which is why the hut that hosts the equipment of Kiteflex is found on the beach, to serve those who engage in the sport.

Contact numbers
Kyrenia Restaurant: 99 679451
Kiteflex: 99 618448