Astir: The Limassol hotel that made roof gardens popular in the city!

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Up until the 1960s, when the area of Makarios Avenue was still considered a suburb of Limassol, the streets of Anexartisias and Gladstonos were the city’s main hub of activity. One important contributing factor to this was the operation of the popular hotel Astir, located opposite the District Administration building.

Astir Hotel enjoyed its glory days towards the end of the 1960s and all through the ‘70s. It made use of the roof on its multi-story building to create a roof garden (to which a swimming pool was later added), a true innovation at the time which offered panoramic views of Limassol.  

Many locals still have fond memories of nights out at Astir, as it was one of the most popular venues for weddings, carnival parties, live music nights and even fashion shows.

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Peoples’ fondness for the venue eventually led to the expansion of the hotel premises. In the 1980s, the beach hotels of Limassol took over in popularity. Focus shifted to the coastal areas, and Astir gradually began to lose its glamor.

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It was left unused for quite a long time, before it was finally turned into student dormitories, with shops on the ground floor.

Today, the outdoor café in the District Administration square which shares a name with Astir acts as a reminder of the hotel’s legacy.

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