Around 7.000 people at the crazy disco party at the Limassol Old Port!

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Thousands of people gathered for the third year at the Limassol Old Port, participating at the crazy disco party with favorite hits from the ‘80s and the ‘90s. The people’s response to the event was beyond expectations, so the organizers are already planning the next one.

People of any age found themselves from early on Saturday evening at the square, which was properly arranged to be used as a large dancing floor for over 4 hours. Locals and visitors of the city became a large company around the familiar bar that 2Go Concept Store sets up.

Around 7.000 people attended the party, proving that the entertainment and the atmosphere they experience in this summer event, is more and more popular each year. With unstoppable music, lifting everyone up, this party seems to be ready to return even stronger in 2019.

Photos: Photo Kokos

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