Arkolachania Picnic Site (Mesa Potamos)

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In the heart of the Troodos Mountains, just 7 km from Saittas towards the Timios Prodromos Monastery, the visitors of the area are in for a pleasant treat. A location of lush greenery and babbling brooks is home to the Arkolachania Picnic Site.

A popular spot for friends and family to enjoy a day out in nature, this welcoming refuge is located at an altitude of 800 meters, which means it is deliciously cool in the summer months. With a capacity for 700 people, the space is fully equipped with restrooms, picnic tables and barbecue sites, allowing visitors to spend their entire day there. The wooden picnic tables are strategically scattered along the slopes on either side of the gushing waters of the ‘Mesa Potamos’ river, which divides the picnic area into two, and can be crossed via a wooden footbridge.

The Arkolachania Picnic Site is truly a small slice of paradise, perfect for spending an entire day breathing in the fresh air and taking in the sights and sounds of nature at its finest. Visitors seeking a bit of quest can also follow the nature trail that runs alongside the river and ends up at the Mesa Potamos waterfall, a gushing flow of water that is music to the ears. The path is mainly downhill, with some parts that are quite steep.

Visitors can get to the picnic site by following the road towards Amiantos, after Trimiklini. The road that passes through the village of Kato Amiantos is also a good, alternative route. The site is also accessible via forest roads that begin in Pano Platres (in the area of Psilo Dentro), and Moniatis. Visitors can also pay a visit to the nearby Timios Prodromos Monastery, which is located a small distance from the picnic site.