Chapel of Apostle Philip

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Surrounded by vineyards, approximately 4 kilometers west of Omodos, there is a small, old chapel. It is the chapel of Apostle Philip, the sole remnant of a large, ancient monastery.

The ancient monastery was originally named ‘Pente Litharia’ or 'Five Stones (named after the medieval settlement Pentolitharo), and the temple itself was dedicated to Timios Prodromos. The name was changed once the Apostle's remains were transferred to Omodos. According to Russian monk Vasili Barsky, the monastery was part of the Trooditissa Monastery.

Local tradition makes reference to a proverb that is well-known among the older generations of Omodos residents, about a violent conflict between the monks and a local resident. The proverb is still used to this day to describe sudden, inexplicable arguments.


The perennial laurel tree that stands by the chapel is a plant that in ancient times was linked to the worship of Apollo, which implies that the area's religious references go back many years.