Apostle Loucas church (Kolossi)

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The church of Apostle Loucas is located within the traditional center of Kolossi village, west of Limassol, and it is built on an older temple. According to the Limassol Bishopric, a temple dedicated to Apostle Loucas was once located there in 1717 A.D. 

The church as it stands today is a single-aisled basilica with a pointed, central arch and cruciform domes that create triangular gables on the outside. The stone exterior walls of the church are 1.5 meters thick. The stone belfry is beautifully decorated, and rises 3 levels above the roof of the church.

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The traditional, wooden double doors, framed by stone carvings, as well as the motifs on the gates all help to bring a unique grace to the picturesque image of the small temple.

On 18 October, a large celebration takes place around the church in honor of the nameday of Apostle Loucas.