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Apollo tavern: A beautiful tavern with amazing style and divine views!

Apollo Tavern, located on the western coast of the Limassol district, offers a unique approach to the traditional cuisines of Cyprus, Greece, and the overall Mediterranean. Boasting amazing views of Pissouri Bay, and the stunning, white cliffs of the cape of Aspro, this is a great setting for one to enjoy lunch or dinner.

This tavern is nestled within the gardens of the impressive Columbia Beach Resort, and it brings together the flavors and aromas of the most delicious dishes straight out of a Mediterranean kitchen. With a selection of entrees ranging from imaginative salads with black-eyed beans, to bites of cooked feta cheese or prawns in red sauce, or even meat cooked in a clay pot or Cretan pasta, the options of this gourmet menu are always a surprise.

Of course, the amazing atmosphere of this venue, complemented by the 5 start comforts of the hotel environment, adds something extra to the guests’ experience. Thanks to the luscious green gardens all around, the imposing décor of traditional stone (alongside wood elements and shades of blue to match the seaside environment) and the uninterrupted views of the beach from the terrace, Apollo Tavern is a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.


Address: Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri Bay
Contact number: 25 833000

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