Angiras Crepes: A shop with healthy crepes, even better than regular ones!

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A crepe is usually a delicacy that one should enjoy after making peace with the fact that they are saying “yes” to a guilty pleasure. That does not apply if you are having one in Limassol, though, where the love for great flavor and imagination have created a recipe for those watching their diet.

A cute little shop, in one of the most characteristic street of the Limassol historical center, has come up with an ideal mixture to make crepes suitable for fasting, without lactose or gluten, which are not any less tasty than the classic ones. This healthy crepe, apart from a lighter texture, also has amazing flavor, while it is also really crunchy.

One has the option to add vegan cheese in it, which melts into a creamy texture, along with a large variety of toppings for amazing taste combos. Fasting options are also available for those who choose the sweet version of a crepe. The only thing one has to do is a walk by the shop at Angiras Street, behind the Medieval Castle in Limassol, to ask for advice about the version best suited for their taste.