An upgraded comeback for the fountain at Agios Nikolaos roundabaout!

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The reconstruction of the fountain of Agios Nikolaos roundabout was announced as a Christmas present for the entire city by the Limassol Municipality. The characteristic fountain, which was destroyed just before Christmas in 2015, will be coming back to life with an upgraded design, more stunning than ever.

The fountain was out of order after its mechanism was destroyed by the fire set to vandalize the Christmas decorations on the roundabout. The return of the fountain has been a popular demand ever since and it is now about to be realized, thanks to sponsorships that were donated for this exact purpose.

Until Christmas 2018, the roundabout of Agios Nikolaos will look completely different, with more than one water jets creating brand new fountain, with colourful lights making it stand out even more in the night. The design of the new image of the roundabout was undertaken by professionals specialized in this kind of constructions.


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