An oasis of art and culture in Limassol with international award and recognition

Sculptor Philippos Yiapanis has become known for his wonderful work, in which curves and symbolism prevail. Philippos Yiapanis’ project, hosted at the Sculpture Park that he has built in Phasoula, Limassol, was looking for a space through which his work could emerge, in order to convey messages even better.

The building that stands in a dominant position today, behind the amphitheater, which has been named "Little Salamina", in honor of the theater in the archaeological site of the occupied Famagusta, is meant to be the "Temple of the Soul" of the artist and his work. "From the beginning, I thought that this "temple" should respect and highlight the artist's work, not be imposed on the area," said the architect, Angelos Savvides. The «Art nest», as the construction has been named, is a building that stands out in its simplicity, which blends in the area harmoniously.

The simple lines meet the curvatures of the impressive sculptures, the white color reflects light that allows them to shine even more, while the glass casing allows the exterior to emerge the interior. In this environment, the works of art actually do find the perfect nest. The building consists of 5 levels. The 2 upper levels house the residence of the artist himself and his son. The basement, the ground floor and the loft host the showroom which is also available for lectures / presentations and has a cafeteria, a souvenir sales area and toilets.

The building has managed to attract international attention winning the Award for Innovation in Cultural Design, as well as the Best Cypriot Cultural Design Project award. The prize was awarded to the architectural firm of Angelos Savvides, within the international institution of architectural Build awards for 2016.

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