An impressive new project has been designed in the Limassol mountain region!

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An impressive new project has been designed in the Limassol mountain region, with the aim of upgrading and enriching visitors’ experience in the Platres area.

This very unique project aims to offer a variety of options for accommodation, leisure, and exercise for people of every age. It is set to be built on a slope with an altitude of 1065 meters, very close to the ravine where the Millomeris waterfall is located. Beyond the impressive view, the location also enjoys natural beauty, and is just a short distance from the center of Platres.

Featuring a complex of residences, the architecture of is reminiscent of the chalets in the mountainous resorts of Europe, as well as a restaurant, play areas, pool and spa among its facilities, the project aims to serve both visitors and residents. At a time when one of Cyprus’s most historic and particularly popular mountain resorts is undergoing a rejuvenation, the Guru Mountain Hill Resort is expected to be a positive step in this direction.