The 'secret' lake of Amiandos

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A location filled with mystery thanks to its unique morphology. A lake appears between large rocks, carved out after decades of asbestos excavations. The wild beauty of the location, and the unexpected water element create a truly unique spectacle. 

The ‘secret’ lake, as it has been called, is formed after the winter rains (and tends to evaporate by the summer), and seduces all who come across it. The contrast of the gray rocks with the blue surface of the water that fills the old crater, as well as the sparse vegetation in the surrounding area, all come together to create an otherworldly backdrop. 

The lake is located within the second of the two large craters left behind by the asbestos mine. One of these, located further east, was transformed into an artificial lake with the aim of creating a biotope in the area. Unlike the artificial lake, this 'secret' lake is difficult to access. One can only reach it via a long hike along a route that begins at the 'Almyrolivado' picnic site. 

Photos and video by the Cyprus from Air team.