Amiandos 'secret' lake

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It is a location filled with a mystical atmosphere, due to its special morphology. Huge rocks, carved by the decades of excavations for asbestos, are hiding inside them a special lake with a… seasonal attitude. The wild beauty of this landscape and the magical images created, make it a unique sight.

The ‘secret’ lake, as many have named it, which is formed after the winter rainfall (and tends to evaporate in the summer), will charm anyone that takes a look to the amazing, contrasting images between the grey cliffs and the green-blue surface. There may be water in the hole created by the excavation, but the plantation in the surrounding area is very few. Thus, the lake becomes a vital sign in the middle of an image of deforestation.

This is the second of the 2 large holes left behind after the operation of asbestos mine was finished. The other one is situated east to the ‘secret’ lake and it has been turned into an artificial lake, aiming to become the core of a new habitat.

Thus, the artificial lake is much more accessible, while the ’secret’ lake can only be reached after a long hiking trip, on a route starting from ‘Almyrolivado’ picnic site. For the ones that are not ready for a hiking adventure in the mountains, the Cyprus from Air team has captured the uniqueness of this landscape.

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