Amazing postcards with favorite Limassol hotels!

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Taken from the past, black and white or colorful, images from Limassol are coming out from old postcards. On these cards, there are hotels from the countryside and the city that bring back happy moments from decades past and, for some, beautiful, carefree childhood memories.

They are not just ordinary photos, but images that appear on cards that were sold at various tourist spots, which meant to travel to the world. On these post cards one may see legendary Limassol hotels, which were attracting many tourists, during the winter and the summer season.

Some of the hotels have been refurbished and generally remodeled, while others are now forever gone. Among them are the Continetal and Amathus beachfront hotels, Curium hotel in the city center, as well as the countryside hotels such as Elvetia or Forest Park. So, these post cards, which used to be a way for people to remember their holidays or share their experience with friends and family, are now a reference point for the history of Limassol.

Check out some of the first large hotels in Limassol here.

Photos: Lemesou Mnimes, Cy-arch

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