Amathus Sea Side Walking Path

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A few minutes from the city center, in an area that brings the fresh breeze and the scents of the sea together with the greens and the majestic presence of Limassol's past, there is a refuge so far and yet so close to your daily, busy routine. The seaside path at Amathounta area is a delightful experience that anyone can choose any time.

The 5 km long seafront walkway spreads along almost the entire waterfront area of east Limassol, allowing guests to enjoy a unique ride between the ancient city of Amathounta on the north side, and the blue waters on the south. The wooden pedestrian street passes through the archaeological location, where someone can also admire the ruins of the ancient port (look closely at the sea). 

Either in the morning or the afternoon, this path is always charming. Walk, enjoy your sports or dive safely any time of the day. The 250 lights along the sidewalk, light the entire route.


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