Amathos river (Yermasoyia)

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One of the large rivers of Limassol is Amathos, the name of which makes reference to the great ancient kingdom that is considered to be Limassol's predecessor. Today, of course, this river only makes occasional and seasonal appearances.

The river is known to many as the Germasogeia River. Stemming from the Troodos Mountains, the Amathos crosses the valley where the village of Germasogeia was built, and reaches all the way to the bay of the Limassol sea. Today, the river flow stops at about 6-7 kilometers from its estuary, in the area where the Germasogeia Dam was built. 

During the winter months, when the dam often overflows, residents are reminded of the water's natural course during ancient times.

And despite the fact that the final section of the river has been used as a parking area since the 1980s, during the rainy winter months it turns into a river once more, creating an idyllic setting among the urban landscape.