'Alonatzia' picnic site (Kato Mylos)

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 North of a small village of Pitsilia area in Kato Mylos, there is a small yet beautiful picnic site that is well worth visiting.

The water reservoir next to the picnic site nurtures the rich greenery of the area. The wooden tables are nestled beneath the shade of the pine trees, whilst there is a sheltered area with all the necessary facilities for lighting a barbecue. The fenced play area, built to modern safety standards, as well as the wonderful view of the reservoir, are just some of the site’s main advantages.

The starting point of the 'Alonatzia' nature trail is also found in this area. Along the trail, one will come across the chapels of Saint Paraskevi and the Archangel Michael. The school of red fish swimming around the reservoir is a unique site on its own.