Aloha Leisure Bar: A café - bar that feels like a Hawaiian hut, right next to the Limassol sea!

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This breezy corner full of colors, with views of the blue horizon of the sea on one side, and the stunning pool fringed by hundreds of palm trees on the other, is one of the most tempting options in Limassol during the summer months. After all, no matter what time of the day you find yourself at Aloha, you know that it will be a refuge from the heat, set in a most relaxing atmosphere.

In GradResort Hotel in Limassol, under the shade of the enormous, bamboo umbrellas, which conjure up an image of exotic Caribbean islands, one finds the perfect destination for cooling off during those hot summer days and nights. You can lay back in the large loungers (almost the size of actual beds) onto fluffy pillows, on an elevated space by the large palm-tree trunks, and simply gaze idly at the pool area. Alternatively, you can sit in the colorful sitting area, or even on the white armchairs, close to the beach.

An even more special option is the corner located inside a green garden, at the entrance of the café – bar. Under the tall palm trees, you can enjoy coffee, drinks and the cooling breeze in this amazing yard, which is conveniently located close to the playground, ideal for families visiting with kids.

No matter which spot you choose to enjoy your coffee, fresh juice, or exotic cocktails, the images and the atmosphere are sure to create a unique experience for you.

The recent addition to Aloha's menu is aromatic shisha which perfectly complements the relaxing atmosphere of this space. 

Contact number: 25 634333