Almirolivado picnic site (Troodos)

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In the middle of the way from Pano Amiandos to Troodos, one may find a location of unique beauty. It is Almirolivado picnic site, a place that can be completely transformed from season to season, thanks to the variety and wealth of its flora, which creates magical images. 

Surrounded by a dense pine forest, the picnic area has all the  needed infrastructure to host those who love nature and look for calm corners in the greens to relax and rejuvenate. With 2 fountains near the wooden tables, with breezy water from the mountain springs, this place can host excursionists around the year. 

Of course, the beauties one will find are such, as to create a completely different image each season. Apart from the tall trees, this area become even greener by hosting several kinds of bushes, as well as a rare and protected kind of peat (low grass that flourishes in humid places). The peat is spread in a large, fenced area by the picnic site, while there are passages and a wooden bridge for people to be able to see it without harming it.

The landscape is transformed with the change of seasons, with colors going from green to red and copper. Additionally, the rain and snow in the winter, result to the creation of a most beautiful lake, over the peat, while the trail starting from this site, leads to Asbestos mine.

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