Almirolivado picnic site (Troodos)

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Midway on the route from Pano Amiandos towards Troodos, there is a location of unique beauty. The Almirolivado picnic site is a precious natural reserve, one that has magical images in store every season of the year. 

Surrounded by a dense pine forest, the picnic area has the  necessary facilities to host all who seek moments of serenity at an altitude of 1600 meters. Featuring wooden tables and fountains with fresh spring water, this space can accommodate up to 2000 visitors.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that each season boasts a different landscape. Various types of shrubs and protected peat (low vegetation that flourishes in humid places) grow among the tall pine trees. The peat is spread across a large, enclosed area next to the picnic site. This area is transformed into a lake in the autumn and spring, while in the winter it creates a dream-like, wintery-white scene. 

There are special pathways above the peat, so that visitors can see it without harming it. This is also the starting point for the trail leading to the Amiandos asbestos mine.