All Saints Chapel (Pissouri)

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You know from a first glimpse that this is not a not a regular chapel. But, how special it trully is, can only be revealed after you find out about its story. The All Saints Chapel, which is located at Pissouri village, on the western end of Limassol district, is a true piece of art, which is connected to the long centuries of history in this area.

The chapel could indeed be part of an internationally rnowned gallery, since the unique murals, from ground up, have been created by the distinguishes painter John Corbidge himself (who has also painted some works for Amathus hotel, one of the first, luxurious seaside hotels in Limassol). Since the chapel is located within the lands of Columbia Beach Resort, the inspiration for this kind of projects first struck the owner of the resort,  Heinrich Schoeller. In fact, as Schoeller explains himself, the idea of entirely covering the walls with paintings, aimed to join together the pre-historic culture of the human civilization in that area, along with the christian tradition of these past few years.  

Thus, the chapel was entirely covered with the figures of Saints, Angels, Virgin Mary and Jesus, with their features clearly resembling to the byzantine tradition, along with modern techniques and lines, much more fresh, entirely original, that adopt elements of more free artistic trends. The figures are floating in a deep blue backgournd, with lighter and darker shades, which feels like the deep, blue waters of Pissouri golf, in which both the paintings and the visitors of the chapel seem to be getting lost.

The chapel is clearly an interesting sight in the area, especially since it is surrounded by the evergreen garden of  Columbia Beach Resort.

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