All Saints Chapel (Pissouri)

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It is clear from the first glance that this is not an ordinary chapel. It is only once its unique history is revealed, however, that you truly realize just how special it really is. The All Saints Chapel, located in the village of Pissouri, on the western end of the Limassol countryside, is a true piece of art that is connected to the many centuries of history in the area. 

Indeed, the chapel could easily be found in any internationally renowned art gallery, as its unique murals, which cover the walls from the ground up, were created by distinguished artist John Corbidge (who has also painted works for the walls of the Amathus Hotel, one of the first luxury seaside hotels in Limassol). The chapel is located within the grounds of the Columbia Beach Resort, and the owner of the hotel, Heinrich Schoeller, was the man behind its inspiration. In fact, as Mr. Schoeller himself explains, the idea of covering the walls from top to bottom with paintings aimed to create a link between the culture of pre-historic civilazations in the area and the Christian traditions of later years. 

The chapel is certainly a sight worth seeing in the area, especially as it is surrounded by the lush green gardens of the Columbia Beach Resort.

Thus, the chapel was entirely covered with the figures of Saints, Angels, the Virgin Mary and Jesus, with their features clearly resembling the Byzantine tradition, but also employing modern techniques and lines that are fresh and entirely original, adopting elements from more freehand artistic trends. The figures float across a vivid blue background of both lighter and darker shades, giving visitors the impression of diving into the deep, blue waters of the Pissouri Gulf, located just a few meters away. 

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