Akti Olympion Beach

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Blue Flag
Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Disabled Facilities
Refreshments / Cafés

Akti Olympion has been the de facto beach for Limassol's residents since the middle of the 20th century and has become a beloved area for sports, swimming, and socializing, for all seasons and all hours of the day.

A coastline that stretches out for a distance of more than 1 kilometer, right next to the city center, makes for easy access to the beach. The availability of sections with organized facilities (sunbeds and umbrellas, restrooms, showers) as well as sections where visitors can simply sit in the sand, beneath the shade of the trees, allows everyone to choose their beach experience according to their preferences.

The refreshment stands that operate along the coast are open from early in the morning until late at night. They act as hangout spots for visitors, especially for the winter swimmers of the area, who are able to enjoy coffee and light meals.

The beach is supervised by lifeguards from April to November. The lifeguards have the necessary equipment needed to serve people with mobility difficulties.

Refreshment stands - snack bars:
Thalassaki: 25 343459
To Theatraki: 96 606051
Thalassokoritso: 99 430714
gSpot Beach: 99 753937

Water sports:
Enaerios Watersports: 99 072014