Akrotiri Environmental Education and Information Centre

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Environmental Education and Information Centre is situated at Akrotiri and operates in a framework of cooperation between the Sovereign Base Areas, the Ministry of Education and Culture and Akrotiri Community. 

The Centre comprises of interesting exhibition and laboratory facilities, projection and presentation room, library and study room and a wildlife observation kiosk. Under the instructions of the personnel that runs it, it consists an area for observing nature and its surroundings, as well as an opportunity to watch traditional activities, such as basket weaving, which are related to the characteristics of the area.

In the newly built facilities of the Center, modern equipment (telescopes and binoculars) are provided for bird watching and exploring the habitat preferred by several species. A the Center, educational courses take place regularly, s well as tours and seminars related to the preservation of natural environment, agrotourism and ecotourism.

Furthermore the Akrotiri cultural trail starts at the Centre. The route goes through the community, passing by the houses where baskets are traditionally made and other points of cultural interest.

The facilities are also suitable for people with disabilities.

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Telephone: 25826562, 99371359 
Address: 4640, Akrotiri village

* Photos by V.Michael

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