Akrotiri Bay

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Dirt Road
Quiet Beaches
Water Sports

The Akrotiri peninsula, west of Limassol, has a unique morphology that lends a wild charm to its beaches. The area close to the Akrotiri fishing shelter, just a few minutes from the village that carries the same name, is a coast used by many for fishing and exercise.

The area is flanked by 2 shipwrecks, Achaios to the west and Three Sisters to the east, with the latter located almost inside the sandy bay next to the shelter. This shelter is a popular destination for surfers, as the waves are frequently quite intense. On the other hand, on days when the sea is calm and the seabed is clear, the experience of diving into the wreck is truly unique.

The sandy shore is also a destination for sea turtles to lay their eggs every summer. Special care is needed to keep an eye out for the marked cages, so as to avoid damaging the nests.

The area where the fishing shelter is located, featuring shallow rocks, is an ideal fishing spot. The unique beauty of the landscape against the sand dunes, with the Achaios shipwreck protruding from the water a few kilometers away, attracts many who love photography.

TIP: Access to the bay is via dirt road. The point starting from St. George’s chapel is more accessible.