Akrotiri Aspro - Vegetables Beach

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At the western end of the Limassol district, in the area of ​​Cape Aspro, which borders it with the Paphos district, is one of the most impressive coasts of Cyprus.

White rocks on remarkably high cliffs, at a distance of more than 5 km west of the bay of Pissouri, create a series of coves and beaches of seductive, wild beauty.

The area is inaccessible, as no road or path leads there by land. The only way to reach this shore is by sea, by boat, by kayak, or (for the very astounding swimmers) by swimming.


At a distance of 5 km along the coastline, is the Vegetable Beach, which is the largest bay in this section. By the time you get there, you will find wonderful niches, buried in white rocks, with clear blue waters, but also a small beach with an unreal, stone gate, carved into the rock.


Frequent visitors to the area are the goats that freely enjoy the beauty of the landscape.