Agrovino Inn (Lofou)

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It is a traditional stone-built building of 1794, found in the picturesque, stone-paved alleys, preserving a sense of the old times. Agrovino is a place that combines tradition with the commodities a modern traveler would ask for, to have a good time in the countryside, while enjoying good food and local flavors.

With 7 separate studio apartments, some of which communicate through common yards, Agrovino is one of the accommodation complexes that have made Lofou village a most popular destination for visitors of any age. The apartments, which can host 2 — 7 guests, are elegantly decorated with wooden furniture and natural colors, with traditional touches. All of the facilities include a kitchen and some of them a fireplace in the living room.

Just a few steps away from the apartments, Agrovino restaurant is a great dining option, with a remarkable collection of wines, local or not. The restaurant is available for the guests to enjoy their meals their, with options from the local cuisine and wines that give an idea of the local wine-making tradition.

Address: Tsintouri, 4716, Lofou
Contact number: 25 470 202

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