Agridia Picnic Site

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In one of the most beautiful areas of the Limassol mountain region, in the heart of Pitsilia, this beautiful park was created in 2011 among the tall, green plane and pine trees. Its beautiful, artificial stream and the wonderful location make this picnic site in Agridia village a special destination for picnics, relaxation, and recreation.

The picnic site is located just below the Prophet Elias chapel, which stand atop the hill, west of the village. There are wooden benches, a barbecue area, stone-built fountains with fresh water, as well as restrooms. The space can thus host up to 400 visitors, offering all the necessary amenities within its well-maintained facilities.

Wooden bridges at various spots along the picnic site allow you to cross the artificial stream, which forms a small waterfall. At the base of the picnic site, there is a playground for children to enjoy, as well as an open-air amphitheatre that can host 250 people.

The viewpoint, an extension of the picnic area, allows you to gaze across the surrounding area, all the way down to the Akrotiri Gulf in Limassol, through a telescope installed there for this purpose.