Agios Tychonas Community Beach (Puesta - Armonia)

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Sunbeds / Showers / Restrooms
Disabled Facilities
Refreshments / Cafés

The Community Beach of Agios Tychonas is a beloved seaside destination for the whole family.

The pedestrian path that connects this point with neighboring beaches, its easy access, the park at the entrance to the beach, and the playground, attract hundreds of bathers of all ages daily.

Café Armonia By The Sea and Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill, operate just a few steps from the beach, and they serve coffee, refreshing drinks, snacks and food, both during night and day.

The beach offers services for bathers, as well as facilities for people with mobility difficulties. The most recent addition to the beach is the creation of an outdoor gym, next to the walkway. This way, visitors can combine a dip in the sea with exercise on the shore.