Agios Tychonas Beach (Saint Barbara – Ama Beach)

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Limassol boasts its very own Santa Barbara, and though it may differ significantly from the backdrop of its Californian counterpart on the other side of the world, the beach of Saint Barbara in the Agios Tychonas area enjoys its own charms.

This is an easily accessible beach which is connected to other sections of the same coastline via the seaside pedestrian walkway which begins in the Kastella area (La Isla Beach Bar) and reaches all the way to the Amara Hotel. In the area near the chapel of Saint Barbara, just a few meters from the archaeological site of Amathus, this quiet shore is ideal for swimming, exercising, as well as food and drinks at the nearby Ama Beach café-bar-restaurant.

One of the most well-known water sport centers in Limassol also operates in this spot, specializing in board sports. The renowned rower Costas Symeonides runs Windsurfers on Tour, and arranges training sessions for those who wish to try sports such as surfing and SUP. Occasionally, racing events are also held here.

Windsurfers on tour: 99 436343
Ama Beach: 25 581565