Agios Spyridon Chapel (Pissouri)

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The chapel of Agios Spyridon is built within a cave at the base of a rocky hill in the Ampelochori area, above the Pissouri gulf. This temple was built in 1999 by 2 siblings, Yiannakis and Vasso Pelekanou, in memory of their parents, who were from the occupied village of Asha.

Their father had decided to build this chapel inside the cave when he first spotted it while. He unfortunately died suddenly at the age of 69, before he was able to complete his plans for the chapel. It was then undertaken by his children, who dedicated it to Agios Spyridon, the saint who was also born in Asha village.

The façade of the chapel was based on a design by the late Christoforos Pelekanos himself. It was constructed using the area’s characteristic, white stones. The opening of the cave can only host a few visitors, so the chapel is popular for smaller ceremonies (such as baptisms and weddings). The chapel celebrates on December 12th and August 11th, but it is open throughout the day.

Source: Asha Cultural Club