Agios Georgios Frangoudes Church

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Just a few meters from the Limassol sea stands a white church shaped like a rotunda. This is the church of Saint George Frangoudes, which replaced the chapel of Agia Napa. Beyond its unique architecture, this chapel also stands out for its impressive interior decor. 

The church was constructed following the desruction of the chapel at the outskirts of the Agios Athanasios Municipality, in an area that had begun to grow in population and could now form an entire parish. The church of Saint George Frangoudes was named after a distinguished Limassolian, Georgios S. Frangoudes, to whom the existence of the Panteion University in Greece is credited.

The white rotunda, located among the modern buildings of the area, such as the emblematic Oval, creates a unique image. What is particularly impressive is the volume of hagiography painted in its interior, with the imposing image of the Pantocrator depicted on the central dome, surrounded by dozens of narrow windows, through which the entire temple is illuminated.