Agios Georgios Alamanou sea caves

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Natural Beauty
Dirt Road
Quiet Beaches
Water Sports

The coast of Agios Georgios Alamanou, located a few kilometers on the eastside of Limassol, stands out for the special formations created by white rocks, where the crystal-clear waters of the sea meet.

The power of the waves (especially during the winter months), digs into the limestone, chalk-like stones, hundreds of small bays, but also impressive caves, which change shape and size each year.

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One can get to some of the larger bays through the road, following the dirt road that starts from the tavern to the beach. At a distance of approximately 1 km, there are 4 bays, with the latter being the most difficult to access.

Making a stop at one of the bays, if you are somewhat familiar with the sea, you can explore the nearby caves. Alternatively, you can choose a kayak tour, that can easily approach the rocky shore.

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Many choose this area for fishing, either with a reed from the rocks or with a speargun.