Agios Georgios Alamanou Beach

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Between the villages of Moni and Pentakomo, on the eastern edge of the Limassol District, one may find the coast of Agios Georgios Alamanos. The coast is named after the monastery of Agios Georgios Alamanos, which is located a small distance from the beach (find information about the monastery here).

The coast is basically a continuation of Governor’s Beach, preserving the same features, with the distinctive, white rocks creating an ideal contrast with the blue of the sea. Besides swimming in the main bay and enjoying the facilities of the beachside restaurant, visitors will also find smaller coves which are a bit more difficult to reach, but perfect for solitary moments alone with nature.

The homonymous restaurant located by the sea, attracts lots of people all year round and is known for its fish meze, large portions and the magical landscape of the area. It is a very large space, ideal for families, since apart from its other amenities, has several toys for children.

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Camping fans are frequent visitors to the area, choosing to spend the night by the waves. The small coves between the white rocks provide some quiet and exclusivity, as well as uninterrupted views of the open sea.

The beach of Agios Georgios Alamanos can be reached by taking the exit with the same name from the highway, heading towards the monastery. After a drive of approximately 5 minutes, the road will lead to the white rock coast.