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Agios Ermogenis (Episkopi)

At Epiiskopi village, east to the ancient city of Cutium, there is a unique and rather ancient church, dedicated to Agios Ermogenis. Built with rough stones, this small church has a long story behind it.

Agios Ermogenis was born in the 4th century A.C. at the town of Finikounda in Attaleia, Asia Minor. Coming from a family of Christians, he became an enthusiastic preacher of his dogma. This action was spread in Samos in particular, where he was acclaimed Bishop of the local Church. His preaches was quite popular among the locals and it did become a nuisance for the king of Samos, Satorninos, who ordered to capture and torture him, until he renounces his beliefs.

Agios Ermogenis was subjected to the torture without bending, thus Satorninos eventually ordered his execution by decapitation. The Christians of Samos, then, took his dead body and put it in a wooden case, which was thrown in the sea and led to the shore of Kourio by the waves. Christians who found the case on the shore, built the church dedicated to Agios Ermogenis. 

This temple was destroyed during the attacks on the island and a new one was built in the 17th century. This is actually the temple standing still today, within which the relic of  Agios Ermogenis is found, considered by believers to be miraculous.

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