Agios Ermogenis (Episkopi)

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In Episkopi village, east of the ancient city of Curium, stands a unique and relatively ancient church, dedicated to Saint Ermogenis. Built with rough stones, this small church hides a long history behind it.

Saint Ermogenis was born in the 4th century A.C. in the town of Finikounda in Attaleia of Asia Minor. Coming from a family of faithful Christians, he became an enthusiastic preacher of his faith. His action was spread across Samos in particular, where he was acclaimed Bishop of the local church there. His sermons and his resonance with the people bothered the ruler of Samos, Satorninos, who ordered to have him arrested and tortured, until he renounced Christianity. 

Saint Ermogenis endured the torture without breaking, thus Satorninos eventually ordered his beheading. The Samos residents who had already been baptized Christian took his corpse and placed it in a wooden casket, which was thrown ino the sea and eventually made its way to the shores of Curium. The faithful Christians who pulled it out of the water built a church there dedicated to Saint Ermogenis, next to the ancient city. This temple was destroyed during the attacks on the island, and a new one was built in the 17th century. 

This stone-built church that stands in the area to this day, which also holds the relics of Saint Ermogenis, is a place of pilgrimage for many faithful Christians. On 5th October, the Saint is celebrated with a large festival around the church.