Agios Epiktitos: Limassol 'served' on a plate - both literally and figuratively!

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The edge of a hill in Armenochori village, east of Limassol, offers an impressive view of Limassol. This is an advantage that the tavern Agios Epiktitos has utilized, making it a popular dining spot for many years.

The tavern was set up in the restored building of the old village school by a refugee from occupied Kyrenia, who named it after the village he left behind. His cuisine features traditional, Cypriot flavors and includes delicious grilled and cooked meze dishes, such as fresh stuffed wine leaves, and even traditional 'resi' and boiled halloumi cheese.

Visitors to this tavern will truly enjoy Limassol served to them on a plate, both literally and figuratively. Reservations for dinner are recommended.

Address: 8, Ammochostou Road, Armenochori
Contact number: 99 346529